Soil Fumigation Regulations


Time for soil fumigation, but keep in mind we have a few more changes that take affect this year. The changes have been introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require new safety measures for agriculture workers and those who live, or come near fields that are fumigated.

The changes impact workers, growers and land owners all over the United States this fall. The fumigant labels have become much longer. Applicators and growers will need to read and understand the new labels prior to fumigant use this fall. Advance planning is needed before starting soil fumigation because additional preparation of intended soil fumigated sites.

In 2013 applications will include all of the 2011 changes and also incorporate Buffer Zone requirements. The buffer zones are mainly for non-handlers and last for a minimum of 48 hours. Buffer zones size will be determined by application rate, field size, application equipment, and methods. In addition the certified applicator must evaluate each site and include in the FMP (fumigation management plan) these parts if applicable: 

•Posting requirements for buffer zones

•Map details for each site

•Difficult to evacuate sites

•Emergency preparedness and response

•Applicator training

•Notice to tribal and state agencies

•Safety information for communities and first responders

I have mentioned a few fumigation highlights but have not been inclusive of all the changes. Please visit EPA’s web site and read all new product labels for information about additional requirements.

Robert Dinkel, Marketing Manager


Posted on September 3, 2013 .